Efficiently Producing Fuels from Waste CO2 and Off-peak Wind or Other Renewable Energy

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Dr. Doty presented an invited talk at the Spring National ACS Meeting, San Diego, 2012.

DIVISION: FUEL: Division of Fuel Chemistry
SESSION: Ultraclean Fuels Production and Utilization
PAPER ID: 18193
PAPER TITLE: “New paradigms for standard liquid fuels from CO2, H2O, CH4, and off-peak energy” (final paper number: 548)

Click on the link for a copy of a preprint of this paper. FD Doty, DL McCree, GN Doty, LL Holte, JM Doty, and PD Ellis, “New Paradigms for Standard Liquid Fuels from CO2, H2O, CH4, and Off-peak Energy”, (invited oral).


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" Sustainable Transportation Fuels From Off-peak Wind Energy, CO2 and Water" , Copyright ©2010 by ASME

"Toward Efficient Reduction of CO2 to CO for Renewable Fuels" (RWGS), Copyright ©2010 by ASME

" Projections of Levelized Cost Benefit of Grid-scale Energy Storage Options"
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Another important paper:
" Securing Our Energy Future by Efficiently Recycling CO2 into
Transportation Fuels – and Driving the Off-peak Wind Market
By Glenn Doty, F. David Doty, Laura Holte, David McCree, and Siddarth Shevgoor -
was presented at and published in the proceedings of WindPower 2009
May 4-7, 2009, Chicago IL USA



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