Efficiently Producing Fuels from Waste CO2 and Off-peak Wind or Other Renewable Energy


Biofuels currently does and will continue to provide part of the world's energy, including a small fraction of transportation liquid fuels. We began our Windfuels effort because when we looked at the alternative fuels market, we believed biofuels was not nearly enough. We needed additional carbon-neutral fuels that would not compete with food and would be sustainable, scalable, and competitive. We are striving to create some of those additional fuels.

When we opened our website, there was not much factual analysis out there about renewable alternatives. However, the fast pace of change in the field, makes it difficult for us to invest enough time to adequately cover the topic.

We now find that renewables are much better addressed on many other websites than when we opened our website. Thus, for now, we will leave this discussion to others.

Instead of energy analysis, we are putting our efforts into converting CO2 into fuels via our Windfuels and CARMA processes. We are making steady progress, and we’ll continue to update our progress reports periodically.




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